The Board of Management has created an enrolment policy which sets out the schools obligations and criteria for enrolment. We have a school enrolment form which parents or guardians need to fill out when enrolling their child.

• Our DES Admission Notice is available by clicking on the link below.

• DES Admission Notice

• Our enrolment policy is comprehensive document and you can view it in full by clicking on the link below. You can complete enrolment by filling in the form here .

• Enrolment Policy

• Please click the link below for the Siolta and Early Intervention Enrolment Forms . This will download to your device. You can edit the form with your child's details, save it and return it via email to siolta@scoilpadrepio.com .

• Siolta Enrolment Application Form

• Early Intervention Enrolment Application Form

• Siolta Enrolment Policy